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wii_fit_results's Journal

Wii Fit Results
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A daily blog to keep track of your Wii Fit endeavors!
This journal is a place for everyone using Wii Fit to get fit, get in shape and just feel better to post their results and discuss triumphs and setbacks. We all need a cheer leading section sometimes, especially when we do the Body Test and we've gained a pound since yesterday.

We recommend you post results either in your personal journal with a link or to this community (you are welcome to lock posts so only community members can see your details, or if you're just that neurotic about your weight, you can post only pounds lost/gained, and not what your actual weight is.) You can also take your measurements and include them in your daily blogging.

Remember, this is a cheering/support group because we all need it from time to time.

Format for results is as follows:
Subject of the post should be the day you are on unless you're posting for support

Weight: Current weight (goal)/(or pounds lost, if you're neurotic)
BMI: Current BMI (goal)/(or points lost if you're neurotic)
Wii Fit Age: (age)
Fit Credits for the day: (hours:min)

And then perhaps anything else you want to put your $.02 in on, we're flexible.

Have fun and get fit!